Mysterious fever in Moradabad area, over 2600 ailing

A mystery fever has affected more than 26,000 people in the Bhojpur area of Moradabad. A team of experts from health department visited Bhojpur to investigate the cause of this mystery fever. The head of the team, Dr. MK Gupta submitted a complete status report to the health department on. Moreover, some blood samples of infected patients have also been sent to the National Center for Disease Control Lab in Delhi in order to generate a detailed analysis.

The team Head, Dr. MK Gupta imputed the mystery fever to high pathogen burden in Bhojpur. Pathogens are micro organisms like fungi, bacteria, and viruses which cause disease. These are often found in sewage, rotting household waste, run-off water from farms and open drains. According to his statement, it is affirmed that in Bhojpur, slaughter houses which feed the big ones can be responsible for sourcing pathogens. A visit to the affected area clarifies why people are taking ill.

He also added to this that almost every second household in the affected ghetto is into scrap dealing of electronic waste. This states that there is no dearth of spots for rainwater to collect and facilitate the breeding of mosquitoes. The general suspended particulate matter volume is high as Moradabad is an industrial area. This results in a higher heat index or the levels of humidity and heat, said by Mr. Gupta.

The scrap dealers unwind the discarded electronic products to extract metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury, copper in order to sell them at good prices. During the process of extraction, this can result in the addition of atmospheric pollutants.

Thus, referring to these reasons, the medical team stated that cumulatively all these factors induced this seasonal flu and viral fever.

Ref: Times Of India | Updated: 20-Sept-2013