No expected progress with e waste project

It has been observed no progress so far in the project that was announced by International Finance Corporation with a joint venture for setting up of e waste collection centers in Hyderabad responsibility of the solid waste.

An ambitious plan to set up collection centres for depositing the electronic wastes have been observed with major hindrances which appears to have hit a road block. When the World Bank arm International Finance Corporation after Five months announced a joint venture for setting up e-waste collection centres in the city for responsible recycling of the solid wastes that are turning out to be a major environmental concern, there has been no progress on the project so far. Indian cities like Hyderabad along with Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, where it was assumed for more generation of e-wastes, have been preferred under the Clean India initiative launched by the IFC and Attero Recycling, first entrants into the e-waste disposal sector.

Highlights Of The Project

The project follows a World Bank funded initiative of the AP Pollution Control Board envisaging inventorisation of e-waste generated. It involves setting up of collection centres at strategic locations as the e-wastes in the city have been on the rise with conservative estimates putting the figure at close to 20,000 tonne.

Attero has already set up a “mother collection center” at Mehdipatnam and was expected to initiate operations from June. But yet a partner is not decided to handle the operations and collection of e-waste from multiple centres for processing them carefully. The processes will take place within a week, one of spokesmen of this company stated.

As per the statement of Dashradh Ram Nutakki, founder of YNew, engaged in the business of second hand lifestyle gizmos, stated that the major challenge that recycling companies face is with supply chain issues as one has to induce reverse logistics in this case. Thus, obsolete products should come to the recyclers and this is not so. Another main hindrance in the plans of the recyclers is the lack of organizations dealing with obsolete devices. The recycling process per se is focused on the lower end as companies engaged in recycling of e waste continue to depend on imports of devices and appliances

Ref: The Hindu | Updated: 16-Sept-2013

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