Awareness in colleges about e waste by December 15 onwards

Gadgets and gizmos are always a popular subject among the college students and youths. However, for once the conversation will be all about what happens with the old electronic gadgets and devices? Waste pickers collective Solid Waste Collection and Handling (SWaCH) plans to launch an awareness drive about e waste in college campuses by the upcoming month

Pratibha Sharma, from SWaCH says, “The campaign focuses to make awareness and discuss the challenges associated with the sensitization and management of e waste among the youngsters having different backgrounds”.

The batteries, cell phones, and chargers pose a threat to the environment and living beings when these are not properly treated for the disposal, she added to her statement. She also said that instead of organizing lectures for the students, this campaign will be activity-based and is likely to held at St Mira’s College on 15 December.

Some activities like poetry-writing, photography, film making, documentary, poster making have been planned for the youngsters. There is also a project for students named the “Statue of Qwerty” in which colleges will be competing to collect the maximum amount of electronic waste in a week. The bins for collection of e waste are designed by SWaCH.

The bins for the collection of e waste has been in installed in the public places and are designed with a tiny-slit to allow small electronic items to be dropped inside. Moreover, the larger electronic items like laptops, televisions, computer systems and others can be handed over. Sharma also added that SWaCH would be installing the bins in offices, schools, college campuses and schools. The organization presently runs an e waste collection centre which is authorized by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). The collected waste is transported to Mumbai for recycling further.

Ref: Times Of India | Updated: 6 December 2013