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Rapid technology change, low initial cost, and even planned obsolescence have resulted in a fast-growing surplus, which contributes to the increasing amount of electronic waste around the globe.At Exigo we provide end to end management of e-waste. From E-Waste to virgin resources.

Environment and Sustainability

We help business adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices.Our team of professionals ensure that clients adhere to the globally accepted disposal processes.

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About Us - Our Story

Exigo Recycling Pvt. ltd. is an initiative started to remove the complexity out of the process of electronic assets management & recycling. Our aim is to provide a simple, straightforward, transparent and sustainable way to recycle and manage your E waste and Electronic assets.

We collect all types of IT, electronics, electrical, media and communications equipment.

We are authorized by the State Pollution Boards & Govt. of India to safely Collect, Transport, Dismantle, Segregate & Dispose E waste.

With the help of advanced, indigenous technologies, able and committed workforce and a never ending commitment to the environment, we aim to provide increased value to our clients for all their electronic inventories ranging from end-of-life electronics to surplus and seconds electronics, while creating awareness for the need to recycle E waste in an environment-friendly way and adopt sustainable technology disposal policies for a greener, safer planet for the generations to come.


Our state of the art plant at 70 k.m. stone, NH1, just outside New delhi(NCR), equipped with european machinery for the size reduction,segregation & pulverization of waste, along with our indigenously developed hydrometallurgical plant for collection of precious metals, enables us to recycle and recover up to 98 % of recyclable products and dispose of the remaining waste through TSDF. All our employees are well trained in handling E waste and work in an environment that conforms to all the required Environment, Health & Safety regulations.

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Services & Solutions

We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations.

Recycling & Recovery
It is a fact that obtaining precious metals and minerals through recycling of E- waste is much more economical than obtaining those minerals though the mining process. This helps to lessen the burden on earth’s eco system and environment to fulfill the demand for precious metals and minerals. Exigo operates its own recycling & recovery facility. With the help of state of the art recycling technology, we are able to reach an efficiency of recovering up to 98% of the recyclable products and dispose off the remaining hazardous waste through TSDF.
Reverse Logistics
“Exigo has well connected logistic partners all across the country”. This allows us to manage products that fail/ reach their end-of-life or are returned by customers. We provide custom disposal solutions for either collection, reuse or recycling of your product at its end-of-life through customised take-back solutions.
IT Asset Management
Exigo offers comprehensive asset management services to its clients. Our Asset management services include: • Asset Removal • Data Destruction • Logistics Management • Inventory List Reconciliation • Asset Tracking • Processing
Specialized Security Services
Prototype Destruction In this competitive era, R & D facilities have to make sure that their trade secrets are protected and grey market sales are avoided. Exigo provides a range of prototype destruction services that includes on-site destruction of prototypes using our mobile shredders and/or highly secured transportation of prototypes to our facility for destruction. We have installed highly capable european shredders that are best in the business. The entire disposal process can be recorded on camera as per client’s request. Secure Storage and Transportation Exigo offers secure warehousing and transportation for our clients. Our specially designed storage and transportation options can be adapted to our customer’s individual needs. Witnessed Destruction Exigo can arrange witnessed destruction of assets either through webcam or in-person at our facility to verify asset destruction.
Data Destruction
Protecting your confidential information while handing over your data devices poses a serious threat to data security of any organization. Exigo’s data destruction services provides customers peace of mind by offering world class data destruction as per our customer’s needs and policies. Exigo has developed Mobile Hard drive/media shredding vehicles along with portable shredding machines to shred the media at client’s premises. Off-site Data Destruction Services • Witnessed Hard drive destruction • Witnessed Hard drive destruction • Secure storage of Hard drives / media On-Site Data Destruction Services • Bulk Hard drive shredding • Data Wiping • Tape Destruction • Hard Drive Crushing / Drilling • Hard Drive Degaussing • Secure Hard Drive Transportation in Lockable Containers
Portable Shredding
High security and data protection is priority for Institutions like Banks, Financial or Governmental Institutions. Exigo’s portable shredding services provides its clients with the option of shredding their data bearing media like Hard drives, Back-up tapes etc. on-site for complete peace of mind. Our mobile shredding options range from shredder equipped vehicles to portable shredders which can be taken into our client’s premises for shredding media. The entire shredding process can be recorded for client’s future compliance/ security use. The shredded media is recycled at Exigo’s state of the art recycling facility.
E-Waste Removal / IT Assets Decommissioning
Exigo provides a comprehensive e-waste removal service based on your needs. From ground-level pick ups to more complex decommissioning with detailed co-ordination, our team of fully trained and skilled employees can help deliver a customisable solution to suit your organization’s needs. We take care of all the heavy lifting, packing, transportation and any cleanup if required.
CFL Recycling
Exigo offers both on-site and off-site lamp disposal service. CFL lamps and tubes contain mercury and allowing them to end up in municipal waste stream can prove to be hazardous to the environment. Both business and consumers can recycle their waste lamps using Exigo’s safe and environmentally responsible lamp disposal either on-site or off-site.
Green Underwriting - EPR Implementation
Exigo Recycling offers a unique Green Underwriting Service to fulfill a producer’s e-waste collection obligations under the EPR guidelines in E-waste Management & Handling rules, 2016. It is an established fact that up to 95% of india’s massive e-waste generation ends up in the informal sector. Therefore, there is a huge potential in tapping the informal e-waste sector to channelize the e-waste to formal recycling operations. At Exigo, we look at India’s vast informal e-waste sector as a solution profitable. Currently, informal to formal transfer of e-waste in unprofitable in India.

Corporate Sustainability


Circular Economy

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Client Testimonials

Iam very glad to know that there are some people who are really doing something concrete for the environment.I sincerely hope Exigo the very best for future.
Mrs Brar,Vasant ,Delhi
Hello,just waned to share that lot of my e-waste lying at home has been very proffesionally picked up and managed by Team Exigo.Iam glad I could some how contribute to the environment.
Mrs Sinha,Noida

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