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Exigo Recycling Expert in recycling electronic wastes produced from electrical and electronic equipment through sustainable methods.

E waste Solution
for Producers

The EPR (Extended Producers Responsibility) in accordance with Indian legislation states that all the producers are responsible for the lifecycle including take-back of electronic items. The concept of EPR aims to place full responsibility of collection of end-of-life electronic products and its safe disposal on to the producers. Under EPR, the producers have to ensure that e wastes will be recycled in an eco friendly manner by refurbishes, recyclers or dismantlers.

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E waste Solutions
for Business

In this Hi-Tech era, the evolving global businesses are looking for upgraded technical solutions to replace their redundant equipment with the advanced ones. New appliances are constantly replacing old ones. However, some challenges that businesses face for electronic waste recycling are cost effectiveness, assurance of dealing with the data security risks associated and integrated solutions to implement on e-waste recycling.

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How Exigo
Can Help?

Exigo Recycling is a leading e waste management company in India, providing integrated electronic waste recycling services. Since electronic waste in India is a field which is still unexplored, unidentified and undeveloped, We at Exigo Recycling aim to provide best solutions and spread awareness for e scrap recycling in Delhi. We have achieved certification from State Pollution Boards and Government of India which allows us to provide environment friendly and safe procedures for recycling of e-scrap component.

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